Good Night Image

I like to take a last kiss, good evening image before I leave any wedding. I went out of my comfort zone with this image. It was almost sunset and I wanted to try something different from the way I normally shoot. I have had two good friends tell me opposite thoughts on this image.  One loves it, the other friend said I ought not show it. 

I tend to sway to the really liking the image. I would do a few things differently next mite. (mostly lens choice and knock the flash down another stop or two…) But I really like the interaction between these two and it just felt right when I clicked the shutter.  I also used a super high ISO (50000 I believe) I always believe in trying something out of your comfort zone on any shoot or wedding. 


Why shoot weddings?

It is not because I want to create beautiful images.  That can be done everytime I take a new client or when I shoot for myself. (Plus, beautiful imagery is in the eye of the viewer or image maker) And I actually love the moments in-between the moments. I love to stop time and allow the bride and groom to see the happiness in all the other faces the they miss in that whirlwind of a day.  

It is not because I love running around for ten to twelve hours on hot and humid days.

And it is not because I have nothing else to do on any given weekend.

It is because of the emotions that run wild during such an event. It is because it is one of the few times that everyone is just present in the moment. I am allowed the unique opportunity to capture a very special moment in their lives. And I am rewarded with knowing that everyone involved within the wedding will be looking back on the images I take five, ten and even thirty plus years down the road.  I love knowing that! 

And lastly, I get to experience these moments with two very good friends who are also very good photographers. I have a pretty great life!

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