Moses and Penn

Sometimes you remember meeting family as a child and you just never get back to visit due to distance and time. And when you make that decision to finally go visit and get reintroduced to that family member great things can happen!

Moses and his wife Penn.  Such super cool humans!

I only got to spend a day with them but it was truly a grand day.  Moses is not just a character but an accomplished photographer as well.  Check him out here. Penn, his wonderfully talented wife, is development and event coordinator at No Barriers. (not to mention Moses’s muse and favorite model) 

I also learned a ton from Moses as he talked about the personal side of portraiture and how he works with his clients. Even after 25 years of shooting I never pass up nuggets of information that might make me a better photographer and Moses is filled with countless nuggets.  I believe he has forgotten more about this craft than I will ever know or learn! 

I am looking forward to flying back to Colorado in the near future to continue catching up from the past 40 years. My Aunt Millie and Uncle Gil live in Denver.  And that, well, that will need another blog post. :) 

I am so happy to have spent time with these two! 

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