The art of tension

These two images are from a series of images I created a few months back. “Tension” is the name of the series of images and were all created using my Fuji XT-1 and a Late 1940’s Wollensak cine lens. The series is defined by whatever the viewer decides to feel about the print. (which is what is really cool about art as the viewer can take away whatever they feel they need to take away)  For me the series is a combination of personal struggle and loss while also dealing with this crazy thing called ADHD. 

This series of images were hung at the Grove City ArtWorks back in January 2015 and will also be shown in Pittsburgh during the August RAW event “Paramount”.   I am looking forward to showing these images again.  These are a very limited edition of images (only 10 photographic prints of each image available). Come check them out! Details here! And if you really want to check it out and join a great group of artists you can prepay the cover charge here. 

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