I lost a friend last night. I found out at 1:25 PM today. 

No. MANY people lost a friend last night. 

There is so much to say about Mike. I won’t say to many things about his laugh, sarcastic wit, love of music or his ability to make you feel like you were his best friend even when you only saw each other every other year or so. No. I won’t say any of that. That is to obvious. 

What I will say is that anyone that knew Mike has lost a wonderful human who they called friend. 

I did not know Mike for 45 years and grow up with him like my friend Jon did. I was not in his college classes. I never lived with Mike. None of that mattered.

I knew Mike for a short 28-30 years. 

He was there to drink a few beers with in college or help get my butt in gear when I had a test coming up. 

Mike was there on the airwaves the night before my wedding spinning a Hendrix tune in honor of my wedding day, 

He gave me a pair of U2 tickets when he know how much I loved them could not afford the tickets.

He introduced me to the sounds of Warren Haynes and Gov’t Mule. (nothing else needs to be said about that)  

Mike was there to critique my photography when i had asked. (In return I would retouch a few of his images he took for friends and family) 

He took part in a personal photography project I was working on. He drove a few hours to sit for 30 minutes and lunch then back to WDVE for his spot on the air that evening.

Mike supported my photo work when I was exhibiting in Pittsburgh. 

He made me feel like I was his best friend.  Mike made you feel that way. I know he made a lot of other people feel that way too. 

The world is not near as beautiful anymore without Mike’s laugh, voice and heart running around on it. 

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