STORY: Morgan and Brett

Although Morgan and Brett wanted just a short history for their wedding website, Amy could have written pages on this interesting, warm couple. Joe reports that the wedding’s vibe suited the couple perfectly: elegance met joy in that downtown venue, where family and guests were embraced by the arms of their big love. Here’s another of our average joe and amy projects; we thank our subjects for their graciousness in allowing us to share their story.

Morgan and Brett had been dating for four years when Brett announced a weekend trip to Traverse City, Michigan, in November of 2018. He’d had the engagement ring for seven months by then, but the couple lived together and were practically married already, right? No need to rush things, he figured.

“That was not the case with Morgan,” Brett says, a calm grin spreading across his face. “She was spazzing out.”

“I was like, If this doesn’t happen this weekend, I’m going to lose my mind,” Morgan says, with just a touch of drama.

Morgan declared a state of emergency. Crying, she called her mom. She called Brett’s mom. Brett’s mom called Brett.

Dee knew her son had planned to pop the question on Saturday, so she gently suggested he move the plan up a night. Brett agreed; he’d scheduled a trip to the vineyards and made restaurant reservations, but Morgan wouldn’t concentrate for a second if he didn’t ask her to marry him upon arrival.

“I called the hotel,” Brett says. “‘Could you have chocolate, champagne, and strawberries waiting? She’s not going to make it. I think I’m going to have to propose in the room.’”

The hotel, fully embracing the urgency of the situation, came through, as did Brett.

Morgan’s response was somewhat in character: YES! THIS IS AWESOME! I’VE BEEN WAITING SO LONG FOR THIS! THIS IS SO GREAT! And Brett’s response was what you’d expect, too: a content happiness upon seeing her joy.

The night concluded in true Morgan and Brett fashion: they ditched a fancy restaurant and celebrated at the town bar with locals, who insisted on buying them drinks. Morgan and Brett are the couple who can get along with just about anybody, who attract others with charisma and vibrant storytelling (Morgan) and a chill, relaxed personality that sets people at ease (Brett). Their love has grown since the day Brett first laid eyes on Morgan, when her friend Victoria told him, “If you are staring at my friend, then ask for her phone number” (he needed a little prodding back then, too). When Morgan worries about how to talk to their children about society and race, Brett assures her that together, they can do it.

Because above all, through the years and differences, they trust each other. With this kind of love, future emergencies don’t stand a chance.

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