Wedding photographer takes on kids pictures

I am 95% a wedding photographer.  I also will do anything for my clients. That said, on occasion, my past brides will sweet talk their way getting me to take photographs of their kids.  Don’t get me wrong, I love kids.  I have one of my own that I tend to have deep affection for. 

But… I am a wedding photographer. The only reason I fall into the trap of children’s photos is that my former brides trust me and allow me to do the photos as I see fit. I cannot take pictures like Sears/Penny’s/Wal-Mart (you get the picture). I cannot take them because I am just not good at that. My former brides understand this and just allow me to do what I feel will get the job done. For that I am thankful! 

Christmas photos, in my mind, bring back bad memories for me.  I just remember never smiling and somehow feeling betrayed by my parents, sitting there….in uncomfortable clothing.  

Once again, my clients trust me and just let me be. 


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