Joe and Amy tell stories in word and image. Get in touch to have your story captured now, forever.

Guess what? I married my high school sweetheart! She's a writer, and we're starting this business we call averagejoeandamy.

Amy’s been writing people’s stories and I've been shooting for decades. When you do this kind of work, you start to notice how incredibly interesting people are. And you start to wonder about everyone else you see: what are the stories they haven’t told?

You also lament the options available to those of us who aren’t famous. When’s the last time someone asked you about the important moments in your life? Or gave you a chance to dress up, and captured your lovely profile? Not in that short-lived, social media way, but with a solid, artistic style you’ll want to treasure?

Naming our venture what we did is our way of pressing back against the negative connotations of an old expression. All of us average joes are just as important as any celebrity!

We don’t want you to think you have to be famous in order to have someone ask about your life and loves.

We don’t want you to wait until you’re older to get down those life experiences that have changed you. 

We want to tell your story in word and image right in the here and now.

average joe hitched

The story of how you met alongside your wedding and engagement photos in book form. The kind of thing you’d leave on the coffee table for people to read and browse.

average joe famous

Actually, you don’t need to be famous; that’s the point. Everyone’s got a story. What’s yours? Let’s get it down and put it in book form alongside wonderful portraits of all involved.

average joe everyday/event

We’ll follow you around for a day or two (at home, at work) and capture your world in word and image. You in action! Or, we’ll show up at your event—be it a family reunion, celebration, work party—to find the stories and pictures you’ll want to remember forever.

average joe bossy

Any combination of these ideas that suits your story and needs. Let’s brainstorm what’s best and come up with a one-of-a-kind, custom product that’s exactly what you didn’t know you need.

"Amy Phillips is a storyteller par excellence. She has been writing for Northwestern College publications for 17 years, and she has consistently told stories that draw readers in, make connections, and define her subjects in a compelling and concise manner. She’s the best writer I’ve worked with. I’m always confident she will engage the reader and find a way to bring out something memorable about her subject, and she never disappoints."

Duane Beeson, Director of Public Relations, Northwestern College

"Joe doesn't take a picture; he freezes a moment in your life and creates art."


average joe hitched example

a 64 page custom 8x10 hardbound book with slipcover

average joe famous example

a 48 page 12x15 custom magazine

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