Hey. Guess what?

I'm getting married, too!

And Amy and I would love your help with a new venture.

Amy is my high school sweetheart and will be my bride in February. We reconnected after thirty years and don’t want to waste another day!

My bride-to-be is a writer who has listened to the stories of hundreds of people. Amy has a deep desire to record the here and now--kind of like what I do, only with words. We’re on the cusp of a new venture together, not just marriage—but we’ve been busy planning our wedding and aren’t ready for a full launch.

We want to tell your story. After a photo shoot with Joe and an interview with Amy, you’ll receive a custom black-and-white portrait matched with a written keepsake of how you met, a special experience together, or maybe a hard time you endured as a couple.



Would you let Joe and Amy capture your story in word and image? Because you’d be among our first subjects—and because we’d love your feedback—we’ll give you a special rate. Talk to Joe today, email him at info@jmimages.com or call 724-372-2178.

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