My 92 seconds of fame

Fame is fleeting.  Mine happened to be 92 seconds worth.  

Backstory… About 14 months ago I tweeted how much I enjoyed interacting with Insureon when looking for business insurance. I also used FaceBook as an avenue of showing my thanks.  It was not a month later that I was contacted from the the offices of Insureon and asked if I would be willing to do a little video spot with them and talk about my experience with them. 

Fast forward 4-6 weeks later after the first phone call.

It turned out this was not just a “short video spot”.  It turned into a full day of work, sweat and laughter… (mainly because I could not just have the video production film a normal portrait session…..) 

Hair/make-up at 4:00AM 

Video arrived at 5:45AM

Slow drive (not to mention possibly illegal with all the stuff and people in the back up a pick-up) to the location

and an 90 minutes or so of shooting. My friend allowed us access to his property. 

Then breakfast!

Then about two hours of interviewing me. (poor guy…he had his work cut out for him)

A quick group photo and it was a wrap! 

And the final image.

Dance session

I have been photographing dance and dancers for the past few years and I have come to really enjoy the movements and grace of dance.  Here are a few of the newest images I have been working on and hope to release for sale later this year. 

The art of tension

These two images are from a series of images I created a few months back. “Tension” is the name of the series of images and were all created using my Fuji XT-1 and a Late 1940’s Wollensak cine lens. The series is defined by whatever the viewer decides to feel about the print. (which is what is really cool about art as the viewer can take away whatever they feel they need to take away)  For me the series is a combination of personal struggle and loss while also dealing with this crazy thing called ADHD. 

This series of images were hung at the Grove City ArtWorks back in January 2015 and will also be shown in Pittsburgh during the August RAW event “Paramount”.   I am looking forward to showing these images again.  These are a very limited edition of images (only 10 photographic prints of each image available). Come check them out! Details here! And if you really want to check it out and join a great group of artists you can prepay the cover charge here. 

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