Cystic Fibrosis-a Dance for 65 Roses 2016

This past Saturday I was once again involved in a totally awesome fundraiser called, “The Adult Prom - a dance for sixty-five roses” And once again, Jerry Sowden, my right hand man during weddings and this Adult Prom, was there to help out as well.  

Me (on the left) ….The man behind (or in front of the Prom itself, Mark Eisert, and my right hand man Jerry

Ryan, Charlee and Samantha

If you click here you can read the background of this event and understand a little more about CF.  I am close to this event because I have known Ryan for many years.  Not as a real close friend at the start but as wrestling coaches for separate high schools.  We had coached against each other in the past and I had come to know him as a great coach and person and he is very well respected in the wrestling community.  When I heard about Charlee I wanted to do something.  Later on I had heard about the prom and wanted to do anything I could to help out.  

Please do yourself a favor and click on this link, Millennium Sound and on Riverside: The Inn at Cambridge Springs

The support from these two major league businesses are what makes this event work.  I say that with some reserve because the other sponsors and people that make up this event are both many and very very passionate about this event.  Please check out the sponsor page to see how many people and businesses it takes to make this the event it is.  The funny thing about all of this is that I am involved with this event other than spending the evening taking photographs of all the fun stuff and the attendees enjoying the evening.  I put in about 12 hours.  These other people put in hours, days and weeks and months. 

The first dance always starts with Ryan and Charlee. They always steal the evening.

Please share this post if you feel the need.  The more people read and learn about Cystic fibrosis the more we can do to help find a cure. 


pier in fog 1

I went away for a few days to clear my head and take some images that I normally do not take.  After all I am a wedding and people photographer and I normally do not enjoy landscape photography that much.  Somehow fog seems to do it for me.  

fog and tree 1

fog and tree 2

Maybe it is the calm that it creates by allowing my brain to slow down because I cannot see what is past the subject.  For whatever reason I am thankful.

Wedding photographer takes on kids pictures

I am 95% a wedding photographer.  I also will do anything for my clients. That said, on occasion, my past brides will sweet talk their way getting me to take photographs of their kids.  Don’t get me wrong, I love kids.  I have one of my own that I tend to have deep affection for. 

But… I am a wedding photographer. The only reason I fall into the trap of children’s photos is that my former brides trust me and allow me to do the photos as I see fit. I cannot take pictures like Sears/Penny’s/Wal-Mart (you get the picture). I cannot take them because I am just not good at that. My former brides understand this and just allow me to do what I feel will get the job done. For that I am thankful! 

Christmas photos, in my mind, bring back bad memories for me.  I just remember never smiling and somehow feeling betrayed by my parents, sitting there….in uncomfortable clothing.  

Once again, my clients trust me and just let me be. 


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