After the fact…

A few weeks after Carly and Riley’s wedding day I took Carly out for a carefree session.  Just a fun hour or two.  I enjoy the pressure of a wedding but I also like the stress free approach as well.  

Joshua Tree

During my recent visit to Southern California I was lucky enough to visit Joshua Tree.  I had been wanting to visit this area for many years.  The stars finally aligned (and my friend Paul was able to take me and also be my personal tour guide.) and I made it.  

I also got to meet and hang out with a totally rocking photographer on the trip as well.  Chris is a very talented Photographer as well as a cool cat. You can check him out here. 

Joshua Tree was everything I was hoping for and much much more.  I hope to get back there in the near future and take a few days to camp and explore this part of the desert even more.

Wrap up

“Untitled with rope”

This image, I believe, wraps up my long journey of sadness,
fear, uncertainty and aimlessness from the past 18-24 months.

I was asked by a friend why I used a woman in these images
and not a man as these three or four photo series of images are about my
personal struggles with self and relationships. 

The answer is simple and two fold. 

First, art is subjective. 
We take away from a piece of art what we want.  Sometimes it strikes a cord with the viewer in a positive or negative way. Other
times it moves someone in a totally different direction. 

It is up to our past experiences and where we allow our minds to travel as to what we see in a particular piece. 

Secondly, this image, and the number of past images, are not necessarily all about me or my own feelings.  These are more about how I see myself and how others see themselves. 

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