Mudderella 2015

A few months back I went to watch a few friends compete in a Mudderella held a few miles from my home.  (Cooper’s Lake near Slippery Rock, PA) What a great event! It was even better knowing some of the contestants and their friends/family.  These women rocked the event! 

They were downright rough actually. I have been around their kids for a few years now and I always thought the kids got their determination from the dads……I have changed my thoughts on that.

If you ever get a chance to compete or watch one of these please go.  It is not only a blast but it is all for a great cause.  “Mudderella is a proud supporter of Futures Without Violence, a national non-profit dedicated to preventing domestic violence and supporting those affected.”


Madi “Untitled”

Working on a few more ideas I have had for awhile.  These are “simple” ideas. Fairly simple lighting techniques with more interest into the subject itself.  Working on getting 90% of the image finished in camera and then adding a little texture and pop through Lightroom.  

Less lighting and more feel within the subject was the goal. 

Sometimes the mood changes in an instant.  

Special senior session

Like the writing on the image above states, this was almost surreal.  Nate is the son of my best friend of 30 years. Jon and I have joked around a lot saying, “you know, when we get old……” Well.  This is one of those, “when we get old” kind of moments.  Trey (my son) and myself have spent a lot of time with Nate and Jon through the years.  Visiting them in Maryland and State College, Pirate baseball games, fishing and camping… the list goes on. 

Never once did I notice the odd happening of “growing older”. 

Until it was Senior portrait time for Nate that is…

The entire session was a blast from the past and a simple reminder that through all the ups and downs and the jokes, we are not that bad of parents.  Trey has turned out to be a pretty good kid (adult I guess as Trey is now 20) and Nate was just nice to be around. Not surprised by that mind you.  It is more of a wow factor in seeing this little kid mature into a great young man.  

 I was not only talking to Nate through this process but I got to “revisit” my best friend while watching Nate make simple expressions and noticing simple mannerisms.  That is the coolest thing I can think of while being a photographer.  I have the ability to see bits and pieces of parents come out from their children.  I just happened to be extra lucky and see Jon slip out of Nate from time to time.   (Nate, if you are reading this….you are lucky.  You have the good stuff from your father. I know, I knew him at your age now. )

Once again, I am one of the luckiest dudes on the planet to be able to do what I do.  I was awarded the pleasure to capture/take away/even steal a little bit of last Saturday and keep it immortalized for years to come.  

What a wonderful “job” I have.  


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