The Boxer

I am revisiting a session from about 14 months ago.  This session was part of a personal project I have been working on capturing athletes of combat sports. The following images are of a rather quiet and soft spoken fighter out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I would like to thank Germaine as he was kind enough to take part of his day and allow me some time with him.  


My dad.  Always a force to deal with whether it be in good times or not so good times. (Or in these instances, sad times) It seems though that no matter the situation I find my dad to be a great subject for photographs. 

The first image is a month or so after my mom passed away. (Winter 2013) It was Senior night for my son’s last home wrestling match.  This second image was taken not long ago in his house. (Spring 2015)  He is still trying to come to grips with the death of of my mom even after two + years after her passing.  If nothing else I have learned that grief knows no time limits and that even the strongest men have very real weakness. 

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