Liz & Doug at the Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel

I met Liz and Doug at an Adult Prom (a.k.a. Cystic Fibrosis - A dance for 65 Roses) a few years ago. (2015) I was asked if I could photograph their wedding reception as they would be holding their nuptials in Jamaica. OF course I said absolutely! 

This was nothing but fun for me and my right hand shooter Jerry. Zero stress with only making images on our minds.

The only request they had was a photograph taken from outdoors looking up into the venue.  

What a great event to end the 2016 wedding season! 

Kids and “the competition”

One of there cool things about making friends with the competition (in this case, a local photographer) is that they allow you to photographer their kids at the bus stop minutes before the bus pulls up. 

And they allow you to call up 12 hours before the bus arrives to schedule the 7 minutes session. 

These two kids are just really cool. They just played along and went with the flow.  I will say it helped that they are used to being in front of a camera, so I won’t take any credit for making them comfortable. 

I am working on a series of portrait photos where I have only 10 minutes or less to capture something. It is fun, and a bit difficult, because I have no time to set up fill light (if there is no strong natural light) and with the time change 7:10am is a tough time when it is overcast.  And shooting medium format the ISO only goes up to 800. (at least with my MamiyaLeaf ) 

Thanks to Shawn and Corinna (mom and dad and my competition) for the use of your kids! 

You can check out Sweeny Photography here.

Moses and Penn

Sometimes you remember meeting family as a child and you just never get back to visit due to distance and time. And when you make that decision to finally go visit and get reintroduced to that family member great things can happen!

Moses and his wife Penn.  Such super cool humans!

I only got to spend a day with them but it was truly a grand day.  Moses is not just a character but an accomplished photographer as well.  Check him out here. Penn, his wonderfully talented wife, is development and event coordinator at No Barriers. (not to mention Moses’s muse and favorite model) 

I also learned a ton from Moses as he talked about the personal side of portraiture and how he works with his clients. Even after 25 years of shooting I never pass up nuggets of information that might make me a better photographer and Moses is filled with countless nuggets.  I believe he has forgotten more about this craft than I will ever know or learn! 

I am looking forward to flying back to Colorado in the near future to continue catching up from the past 40 years. My Aunt Millie and Uncle Gil live in Denver.  And that, well, that will need another blog post. :) 

I am so happy to have spent time with these two! 

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